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I've finally decided that I am a writer - all the other things I do just pay the bills. Someone eloquent once said that if you do what you love, the money will follow. Well, let's just see about that.

RIP Aggie

RIP Aggie
Aggie was my fifteen-year-old cairn terrier - or maybe I should say I was her 55-year-old person! She was my faithful companion, spoiled rotten and I am still trying to figure out what to do without her.

Peter the Cat...

Peter the Cat...
This is Peter the gingersnap tabby! He's seven years old and has just been promoted to Peter the Very, Very Good. He is working his way up to Peter the Great...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...
Bee is Peter's buddy. He's eight years old and has made himself right at home. I guess cats really do come in pairs or sets of three!

And Jasper makes three!

And Jasper makes three!
Jasper is our new guy - the Cat From Another Place. He's four years old and we think he likes it here - so far, so good!

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

You would think...

that I like candles or something.  And I do - but it's just in the past couple of years that I've actually been able to burn them.  When I was a kid, my mother wouldn't allow us to burn candles in our bedrooms - and most of the candles we did have she encouraged us to save because they had been a gift from someone.  This was the seventies when candles that were shaped like things were a big deal.  Someone gave me a pineapple-shaped candle that smelled heavenly and I don't think I ever did burn the thing.  My mom would burn candles in the dining room during the week between Christmas and New Year's - an old family tradition her father called "burning in the new year."  I suspect that he was actually celebrating Hanukkah - but my mother would never admit that her father might possibly be Jewish.  After I had my own home and could burn candles at will, I had too many inquisitive cats who were drawn to a burning candle like a moth to a flame.  I tried candle warmers but returned home one day to find red candle wax all over the living room wall and George I's paws covered with a suspicious red stain.  And then - heaven!  I could burn scented candles at the office and have a candle warmer - and visitors always commented on how the office always smelled like a country store.  Fortunately, Peter doesn't care about candles or melted wax so I am now free to enjoy a burning candle anytime and I have two candle warmers: one near the front door and one in the bedroom - undisturbed!
Time to put away the Christmas votive holders - I've been burning the Winter candle that Ariela gave me.  It's like a clove-scented pine forest and it freshens up the whole apartment.  She also gave me a lovely red candle with a cinnamon-based fragrance.  That one is next on the 2011 candle schedule.
Isn't this just the cutest hurricane candle holder?  Tom & Al gave it to me for Christmas - and the bottom is filled with cinnamon sticks and faux cherries.  The candle sits on a small pedestal inside.  Just the thing for my nearly bare dining room table as I've been putting Christmas decorations away for the past couple of days.  Peter hasn't noticed the cherries inside the hurricane - I had to put the basket of cherries I had on the table away because he was scattering them all over the house!
These pretty sage Longaberger votive holders have found their way to my reading table.  Aren't the ink stains on the table charming?  I cleared away some of the books to pass along to reader friends.
Murray the Cowboy Angel has a better view of everything now.
I couldn't resist putting a new candle out on the kitchen counter for a whiff of green apple every time I walk by - do you think that am I enjoying this candle freedom a little too much?

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with candles. I love them, but they have "burned" me on more than one occasion. I burned my kitchen upper cabinets one time. Another time I left a burn spot on a formica countertop in a bathroom. I prefer the candle warmers now too. I bet that green apple one does smell good.
    ♥ Joy