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I've finally decided that I am a writer - all the other things I do just pay the bills. Someone eloquent once said that if you do what you love, the money will follow. Well, let's just see about that.

RIP Aggie

RIP Aggie
Aggie was my fifteen-year-old cairn terrier - or maybe I should say I was her 55-year-old person! She was my faithful companion, spoiled rotten and I am still trying to figure out what to do without her.

Peter the Cat...

Peter the Cat...
This is Peter the gingersnap tabby! He's seven years old and has just been promoted to Peter the Very, Very Good. He is working his way up to Peter the Great...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...
Bee is Peter's buddy. He's eight years old and has made himself right at home. I guess cats really do come in pairs or sets of three!

And Jasper makes three!

And Jasper makes three!
Jasper is our new guy - the Cat From Another Place. He's four years old and we think he likes it here - so far, so good!

Buzz about...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Aggie's Porch...

Remember our sad little screened porch?
Well, it's now Aggie-ready!  We keep Aggie's puppy potty out there, but I was always so afraid she'd see what she thought was an intruder in her domain and jump through the screen.  She's fierce that way!
It was a little flimsy - and the wind kept blowing my tree over.
Hence, the makeshift ribbon tie-up!
Aggie's friends (and mine), Tom & Al designed a dog-proof enclosure for Aggie - and a decorative plant shelf for her mom.
Al is the installation assistant today while Tom puts everything together.
Aggie is supervising.
Al is holding the shelf in place while Tom adjusts the supports.
Tom is getting the corner section just right.
Aggie checks out the final product.  It would appear that she approves.
Since the lawn guys and their blowers are the bane of my very existence, I washed the cushion covers and replaced the old cushions with new ones.  The seat cushion is a little plumper than the old one - and more comfortable, too.
I added some plants to the shelf - just a few small ones because I didn't want to block our nice view.
Much better!
Aggie checks out her fresh puppy potty.  Of course,
she still won't come outside alone!
The new hummingbird rug goes perfectly with the cushion colors -
and it was cheap!
Our lizard visitor, although I cannot figure out how he got in, seems to approve of the new plant shelf.
We love it!  Thank you, Tom & Al for making Aggie's screen porch just perfect!

Monday, April 25, 2011

ME Monday...

and more cute ME stuff!  I unearthed these boxes the other day when I was moving what's left of my jewelry to a different (and smaller) drawer.  The largest box came with a watch in it - and it was so cute I couldn't bear to throw it away.  The others held gifts from my husband over the years - and they make great storage boxes for odds and ends I never wear, like button covers and my old charm bracelet.  The round box was a recent find at Michael's in their $1 bin - don't you love that?  Just looking at the illustrations on these boxes makes me happy.  For more ME, head on over to Cherry Chick.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...

from me and my little gang!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A funny Easter decoration...

Quite a few years ago, my little old friend Larry came toddling into my office on Good Friday and put this cute Fannie May tin on my desk.  He sat down and proceeded to burst out laughing.  I was puzzled.  "What's so funny?" I asked.  He snickered and pointed at the time.  I read the lid: Chocolate Filled Bunnies.  "Oh, chocolate bunnies!" I exclaimed as I opened the tin only to find my favorite Fannie May white chocolate covered truffles - Trinidads - inside.  "No - look at the tin," he said, still laughing.  Then I got the joke: the bunnies on the lid are filled with chocolate.  It still makes me laugh and think fondly of Larry every time I look at it.  And I wish I had a Trinidad right about now...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When you were a kid...

did you ever think you were getting away with something if you ate
the Butter Rum Lifesavers?
Just sayin'...

Monday, April 11, 2011

ME Monday...

It's Monday again - and I found another ME treasure to share!  Every time I think I'm running out of things to write about on Mondays, I discovered another hidden May Engelbreit piece in the cupboard.  I love this teacup which says, "Will you by my honey?"  It's perfect for two reasons: it's an ME thing and it goes with this whole honeybee thing I have going on lately.  At any rate, I'd sort of forgotten about it - and when I opened the cabinet to get a mug this morning, there it was.  It's always fun to discover something you'd forgotten all about, isn't it?  As always, check out Cherry Chick for more ME fun!

Monday, April 04, 2011

ME Monday...

and it sure has been a while for me!  It was time to get out the Easter decorations yesterday - and here's my sole ME Easter finery.  I love this little tin pail - and it's perfect for my sweet little wooden speckled eggs.  The mama bunny keeps a watchful eye on those eggs...  For more ME fun and ME decorating ideas, check out the photos at Cherry Chick!