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I've finally decided that I am a writer - all the other things I do just pay the bills. Someone eloquent once said that if you do what you love, the money will follow. Well, let's just see about that.

RIP Aggie

RIP Aggie
Aggie was my fifteen-year-old cairn terrier - or maybe I should say I was her 55-year-old person! She was my faithful companion, spoiled rotten and I am still trying to figure out what to do without her.

Peter the Cat...

Peter the Cat...
This is Peter the gingersnap tabby! He's seven years old and has just been promoted to Peter the Very, Very Good. He is working his way up to Peter the Great...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...

Bee - the Cat Who Came From Somewhere Else...
Bee is Peter's buddy. He's eight years old and has made himself right at home. I guess cats really do come in pairs or sets of three!

And Jasper makes three!

And Jasper makes three!
Jasper is our new guy - the Cat From Another Place. He's four years old and we think he likes it here - so far, so good!

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Odds, ends and resolutions...

are the topic of the day and they have absolutely nothing to do with this photo of my Christmas Day quiche.  It was just pretty good and I took a photo of it and then didn't blog about it.  It was just a simple pie with eggs, milk, bacon and some chopped-up sliced swiss cheese which was all I happened to have in the refrigerator.  Oh, and a pre-made pie crust.  Not bad for a quickie dinner.

I am not much on resolutions because I never keep them.  For instance, one of my resolutions last year was to blog every day.  That did not happen, although I had good intentions.  That may well mean that I am on the road to hell, but I hope not.  The really odd thing that I noticed was that in 2009, when I first started blogging, I wrote 129 posts.  In 2010, I wrote 329 posts and in 2011 - 229 posts.  Since I'm a numbers sort of person, this really struck me as odd (get it - they're all odd).  Also, 229 is a prime number; the other two are not.  I struggled with forcing myself to catch up on all the half-written posts for 2011 during the month of December - but I decided to let that goal of 365 blog posts for the year go.  Which, in light of my OCD tendencies, is a really good thing.

So anyway, the resolutions.  And I think these might be easier than I think: a) no more take-out food.  It's much cheaper to cook and eat at home - and there's no tip required.  Yes, I'm cheap and I've decided to extend my frugality to my weekly grocery bill once again.  I was doing great at that and I've fallen off the sale items & coupons only wagon.  Resolution 2: I'm planning to avoid WalMart this year.  I think I can find the things I buy there (generic Tylenol, wipes, soda) just as cheap at the grocery or Target.  Every time I go to WalMart, I have a too-many-people freak-out and I spend the two following days with flu-like symptoms from all the germ-ridden people there.  It could just be in my head, but I don't think so.  And finally, D: I'm going to try and like wine.  I'm not planning on becoming a wino by any means.  It's just that I've read that wine is actually good for the digestive system and has other beneficial properties.  It makes me sleepy, so that's a plus - I'll just have to remember to drink it at night.  I've tried for years to be sophisticated enough to have a glass of wine with dinner to no avail.  I'd usually dump out the rest of the glass and make the next pot roast or chicken with the rest of the bottle.  Since I'm not cooking meat any more and only cooking for me, it looks like I'll be forced to actually drink the wine.  And with the money I'll be saving on the grocery bill, I can buy wine.  I'll let you all know how that goes.

As usual, Aggie and Peter have no resolutions.
They may be on to something there.

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  1. Splendid ideas - all of them!!
    And when can we expect another chapter from Piney Point, Alabama?